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From the Darkness for U

10 August
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This LJ was born out of need but as everything born i think it should have a little life,

I don't know what this LJ will become and what will it contain but everything will be under my strict supervision, from the time being this will be a fandom LJ

Fandom related:


Right now my top of the list in music is KAT-TUN, that does not mean i am JE (despite i pick one or two inside it) I come from Heavy,Jrock, VKei and some other things. In KAT-TUN my liking order is JinDa, Junno and TaNaka.

My two fav boys are Ueda and Jin, wich makes me a JinDa and very happy to be so. But not in a "pairing" mode, I like them as a pair.

I can't stand pairings at all. Some are totally delusional and stupid things.

I AM NOT Akame never was, never will, and will never say sorry for not being so.

Ueda related :

I can change from Ueda to Tat-chan quite fast but only use Tat-chan as nickname, it is the only one i like well and the one he chosed for himself.

I can't stand those nonsenses of "princess", "hime", "fairies" etc
.... that is all very dead from long ago! So grow up!

I love his dark "S" side the most!

Oh! And I CAN'T STAND ryoda!!!, and never will, not even if hell freezes over (i can't believe people even think of it )Neither like kameda (come on please...)

Jin related:

He is my baby boy, my chibi, my otoutou; hot as everyone knows he is i see more of his cute self (I know his egoist, egotist, mean etc sides too, but i like them)

I can be mean as hell towards him but don't be so in my presence or i'll rip your head off.


And now expanding to:

TV Series/Shows

Right now i am into "Castle", "Haven", "NCIS", "Sherlock","Warehouse 13", "Whitechapel" and some other minor ones

Other things: ...when i remember them

LAYOUT thanks to: premade_ljs 

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